Earn Money By Freelancing lesson 2

Hello My Readers,
Sorry, I am writing after a long time to give you earn money online information. Actually, I was on vacation. A paid vacation actually . . .

Google and my other advertising partners took care I got paid. So, I enjoyed thoroughly with my family at Mount.Abu. A lakeside resort, long drives into dense forests, boating around one of the best lakes and what not. Loved each and every moment.

All this really becomes more pleasurable when you know that money is flowing into your account even when you are vacationing. I love the internet.

I read today that internet users have increased to 1 billion all over the world. Now, that has made it best time to start any internet business and earn money online. Believe me. Just keep reading and I will tell you how.

Ok. I get too descriptive sometimes but yes I am starting now from where I left. I will be sharing steps to earn money by freelancing. As I asked in my last article to all my readers to just think as to how they can help troubled people. I had also given a list as to what can be the topics where people need help. I am sure you have done the homework! If you serious to earn money……Bingo, here you go.

STEP 1 : Visit the sites :


STEP 2: Have a brief look on them and get an overview of what to expect.There is a big list of the projects categories available on the home page itself. You must read http://www.getafreelancer.com/news/articles.html

STEP 3: Now, do the most important thing : Register for an account there on these sites. Actually this is the most important thing. This is where you have a chance to show prospective service buyers that yes… “He is the one…”

Here there will be an option for becoming a gold member. Actually, becoming a gold member has benefits but this can be neglected if you do not want to spend money. Once you start getting money from here you may consider upgrading.I will explain Gold Member Benefits as I write.

Here after selecting your username and accepting terms, youe email will get a confirmation code which you will need to enter. After that , please read on to avoid mistake made by 85% of the people.


When you go for an interview, you format your CV in a manner like o my gof, you are a diamond in the coal mine. Same the case here. You are going to project yourself as a best fit for the project. So, take time… Think for an hour, make a rough draft.

•Skills - I always recommend adding “Being Honest” as a skill. It works wonders. Not even “Being Creative” works that well. As, people nowadays need what is told. Nothing extra. Value addition is a different thing.

•Vision – Be realistic and crisp. Don’t write crap, “want to help and shit”. People turn away from such profiles. You may want to write being more professional, getting record reviews .These are some of the best required qualities required in a freelancer. Imagine you asking a person to work for you. What qualities you will want..
Yes. . . Honest, Professional and a one with a good ambition and reviews. So, come on!!
Go on…...Think & Write these things in a best way you can. Sell yourself perfectly. Invest time in this.

•Keywords : Only Include your capabilities here , say you want to be article writer, write that.Make sure you write maximum of three. No rule written as such but again, my experience and of my friends.

•Company Logo & Company Name :
Brand name is everything! Create a good Company name if you do not have one. It is much easier than you think. And yes, you will feel euphoric I tell you when you come up with a name for your COMPANY… When you have a good company name, get a logo! This is much much easier than the company name. LOGO doesn’t need to be a highly paid one from a top notch graphics designer. I will tell you how.

Go to : http://www.cooltext.com,

That’s it, you have quite a professional looking logo now. Simply upload it now.
Your company profile is ready now. Please do 2 things now :

•Check on get updates from freelancer
•Write a modest hourly rate

That’s it. You are now ready to earn money. Now your wait starts, wait for a project to match your profile. Bid on those projects. If selected, you earn money. I will explain bidding tips in my nest article.

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