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Thinking To Earn Money Online

Today is time for some brainfood to earn money online.. Here goes some more information to have “earn money online thinking”. As always I will try and explain things in a very lucid manner. Today I would like to put light on one of the most important things that is pulling back herds and herds of people from getting better in all walks of life and yes this does include earning money. Be it online or offline.

Being ashamed of yourself & stop cursing yourself.

Yes,this is very important. You may fail many times in your journey towards making money(Not as much as I did.. You have my experiences to read). You must be ready for that and must love yourself.Keep congratulating yourself. Yes…. Tell Yourself that hey you tried really well…. Next time will be more easy.. I am now an experienced guy from this mistake. That’s the thinking I want from you.Yes, i am sure that will do the trick...Keep saying these things and money will flow...

Almost all the people I have met or have observed, I find a startling quality in them..I fear how do they manage this...There was a time when even i was that.. today i think.." Oh..wat!! even i was like tis sometime... No!!!!"

They are ashamed of some thing or the other regarding themselves. I feel there are many reasons for this.
• Their Family background
• Their way of being born & brought up
• Peer Pressure
• Inferiority Complex
• Fear Of Failure
• Mind Blocks
• Pre Judging
• Too much of failure faced & hence a feeling of always being a failure in life.

I will go into depth of all these.. Remember changing your thinking to the right thinking is most important to earn money as money is like a metal which is attracted to a properly thinking mind.

Let me start on a small note…

These are some of the ones listed as I feel is the problem with the majority of people.A general view is pictorised above.

Now,Let me tell you a short story.

Pradeep Sahni was a broke in 2003. He had failed everywhere. His Restaurant was in bad debt. He cursed himself a lot. Then he came to read about a book, ” The Secret “ written by Rhonda Byrne. (I personally suggest this book to one and all).He realized that the universe conspires you to achieve things the way you FEEL things would be in future. Yes, this is the essence of the book. He realized that he was having all the qualities listed above. So, the result would be obvious!!! His future would be the same as above based on those qualities. That is he would be broke and always fail because these were the exact thoughts going on his mind.. isn’t it??? So, his subconscious mind always gave suggestions focusing on these negative things only rather than searching for opportunities to earn money online or earn money offline.


He started to ponder a bit over this simple acceptable fact..
Pradeep thought….. Nothing can go wrong as so much has already gone wrong. ..

(hehe..that is the required optimism..believe me…this will work…!!!! It always has to earn money online in my case.)

Pradeep now thought.....

What have I achieved following all the above qualities. Nothing… So why not follow things the exactly opposite. He started to love himself, this made him happy and saw optimism in his work. This made him sight the opportunities which otherwise would have gone unnoticed being in the same frame of mind as he was initially.
His problem was that he was not being original.A quick USP study of competitors showed him that he was running a Indian Restaurant on a street that had many established Indian restaurants which were very old & had loyal customers. He believed himself and had faith in himself that he can come up with something very creative all by himself..

He Clicked!!

He set up an All American Restaurant. And he tripled sales on his previously considered best sale days!!
This is it… Pradeep Sahni - A broke person can do it.. Why cannot any other person?

Please keep reading so that you can brush up on your thinking and think like a person earning a billion! Remember,, You are on you way to great riches… I will come up on new articles to thinking in a correct way to earn money online. Thinking I again stress …. Yes.. Thinking properly is a first and unskipable step to earn money online.

A proper frame of mind is the most important way.
Being positive and persistent without quitting is the key.

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